Looking for a little R & R after your Safari? Tanzania has 1424km(883miles)of beautiful ,pristine coastline just waiting for you to explore.Looking for an island gateaway? Tanzania has those, too.Zanzibar is the perfect spot to kick back and relax.
Once known as the Spice Island for it’s export of cloves,Zanzibar has become one of the most exotic flavor in travel,when it comes to beuty,that will make your jaw drop.

Stone Town received it’s odd name because most of it’s buildings were made of limestone and coral which means exposure to salty air has eroded many foundation.What the island offers is a unique combination of outstanding beaches,along it’s eastern edge,interesting activities such as visiting a working spice farm,and cultural delights of the Stone Town,with Arabian fortresses and minarates.



(Prison Island).This tiny island, just a 20 –minutes boat ride from Stone Town,was once a prison and quarantine location. Now it’s tropical paradise that’s home to the giant Aldabra tortoise, the duiker antelope and variety of birds and butterflies. There is also decent swimming and snorkeling.


Known as the House of Wonders because it was the first building in Zanzibar to use electric lights, this four-story palace is still one of the largest building in the city.Built in the late 1800s for sultan Barghash,it was bombarded by the British in 1886,forcing the sultan to abdicate his throne.


This was the first Anglican cathedral in East Africa and it’s crucifix was carved from the tree under which explorer David Livingstone’s heart was buried in the village of Chitambo.Built in 1887 to mark the end of the slave trade, the cathedral’s high altar was constructed on the site of whipping post. Nothing of the slave market remains, although nearby are underground chambers in which slaves were forced to crouch on stone shelves less than 2feet high.


The scent of cloves hangs heavy in the air as stevedores load and unload sacks of the region’s most valuable crops.Everday you’ll spot dhows arriving from mainland with deliveries of flour and other goods not available on the island. Fishermen deposit their catch here in the earl morning.

Stone Town


• CHUMBE ISLAND. Between the Tanzanian cost and the island of Zanzibar,Chumbe Island is the country’s marine national park. It’s home to 400 species of fish. There’s scuba diving,snorkeling,island hikes and outrigger boat rides.

• JOZANI FOREST RESERVE.Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Zanzibar’s only national park, is home to this reserve where you’ll find the rare Kirki’s red colobus monkey. The species is known for it’s white whiskers and rust coat.Many of the other animals that call this reserve home-including the blue duiker.There is also more than 50 species of butterfly and 40 species of bird.

Stone Town