5-days Serengeti with big five

5 -Days Serengeti with Big Five


Being local Tanzanian’s guide We know the bush and the country with its secret. This tour is prepared to maximize your wildlife viewing by taking you to the norther n’s Tanzania finest parks, Tarangire national park, central Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro crater, and Lake Manyara national. We know that safari is not all about the game drives but it’s more about where you’ll spend the night after the busier day of dusty and bumpy bush roads. We have carefully chosen the lodges and tented camps to make your experience in Tanzania memorable!

Lets Start

Day 1: Daily Summary

Accommodation: Ilboru safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Full board
On your arrival the first day of your vacation, you’ll touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), From here, your guide will meet you and drive you to your lodge Ilboru Safari lodge located at Arusha for your overnight stay. From Kilimanjaro International Airport to your hotel in Arusha is 1hr30.
The same local Tanzanian private guide and the car will be available just for you, for your whole safari in Tanzania. Being born and raised in Tanzania our local guides knows this country with its secret so you’ll be in good hands from the time you land to the moment you leave. Your safari begun at Arusha, the tourists harbor city in Tanzania. Located at 1200m above sea level at the foot of MT Meru the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro MT. The town known as Geneva of Africa due to its greenish and cooler weather. This safari starts in Arusha and you will end at Arusha, will take you to the best of the northern circuit national parks of Tanzania, Serengeti national park ,Tarangire national park and Ngorongoro Crater.

Ilboru Safari Lodge

Nestled at the foot of majestic Mt. Meru, Ilboru Safari Lodge has been welcoming mountain climbers and safari travelers to northern Tanzania for decades. Ideally located between the northern safari circuit and Mt Kilimanjaro, this beautiful Swahili sanctuary is set on a five-acre plot, tucked away beneath ancient trees on the outskirts of Arusha town. ​

Ilboru Safari Lodge has been welcoming guests to Tanzania for seventeen years. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and a la carte lunch inside in the big African theme dining room, or eat outside beside the swimming pool, where there is a pleasant poolside bar. In the evening sit down to a four course meal where you can choose between European, African, or Asian dishes. There is stunning lounge and it’s also a great place for kids as there is a plenty of room for them to run around.
Another big bonus for this attractive lodge is a wide range of activities. You can choose from a day tour at lake Duluti where they offer Canoeing and the forest walk or a coffee plantation tour and Bangata water falls.

Day 2: Daily Summary

Tour: Tarangire National Park
Accommodation: Isoitok Camp
Meal plan: Full board

Tarangire National Park

After breakfast drive to Tarangire National Park. This relative secrecy is odd because during the dry season it’s part of the migratory movement and is second only to Ngoro Ngoro Crater in concentration of wildlife. This park is much more densely wooded than Serengeti with acacia, mixed woodland, and the ubiquitous baobab although you’ll find grassland on the plains where cheetahs hunts.

The good bird watching can be done along the wetlands of Silalei swamp and around the Tarangire River. Yellow –collared lovebirds, hammerkops, helmeted guinea-fowl, long-toed lapwings, brown parrots, white-bellied go away-away birds, and a variety of the king fishers. You may hear a cry that sound like quite similar to the American bald eagle but is in fact it’s look-alike cousin, the African fish eagle. Returning to the Isoitok camp in the evening for the overnight. ​

Isoitok Camp Manyara

located in the Esilalei area with a beautiful view of lake Manyara. Isoitok is a Maasai word which means the stone! Spacious thatch roof tents each with its veranda, are built with wooden platforms with a great views overlooking lake Manyara, the Maasai plain and the Great Eastern African Rift valley.

Gaily decorated with animal-motif furnishing, all tents have an en-suit bathroom with flush toilets, camp is a perfect pose after a busier a long day. Surrounded by a rich savannah bush with an altitude of 1,075 meters above sea level. It is nested at natural wildlife corridor from the Ngorongoro highlands through to the Manyara conservancy and into Tarangire National Park.
At night, enjoy the brilliance of the night sky after superlative meal. There is an open fire pit where you can spend a quality time with authentic Maasai guides or reminisce after the day of activities. Take advantage of cultural experiences offered at the camp,such as Maasai boma visit, traditional goat sacrifice, learn maasai tradition medicine and sundown walk.

Day 3: Daily Summary

Day 3: Daily Summary
Tour: Central Serengeti
Accommodation: Tanzania bush camp.
Meal Plan:Full board

Wildebeest herd

Central Serengeti

After breakfast today at your camp in Ndutu, you’ll drive to central Serengeti game en route. Central Serengeti is famous for its spectacular landscape. The seronera river flows all year around and attract a lots of animals. Drive through the kopjes this is one of the best places to see predators and it crucial denning sites.

The lions usually lounge around and they use these rocks as their view point from which to plan their ambushing. Watch out the drama at the water point between predators and prey. There is nothing beautiful than watching the heard of elephant walking through the plain towering the magnificent as acacia and sausage trees, heading to drink to the Seronera river. You’ll arrive at Tanzania bush camp before dark for your overnight stay.​

Tanzania Bush Camp

Tanzania bush camp is a mobile camp which follows the migration, beginning usually in December. The camp situated on a small bluff with splendid acacia trees overlooking the Lake Ndutu.The camp stays put for couple of months at a time and then moves northward with the herds.

Comfortable walk-in tents with chandeliers that tinkle in the breeze (yes there is electricity) have en -suite bucket showers, copper washbasins, flush toilets, deep comfortable beds with crisps linen and fluffy mohair blankets a down chorus of joyous bird’s song and evening serenade of whooping hyenas with back vocals by softly calling lions. This is the most marvelous way to experience the migrations, the wonders of Serengeti and Africa.​

Day 4: Daily Summary

Day 4: Daily Summary
Tour: Ngorongoro crater
Accommodation: Farm of dream
Meal plan: Full board.

Ngorongoro Crater

Early in the morning after the breakfast at your camp head off to Ngorongoro crater,game en route.Today depend on how much time you’ll spend by stoping here and there for taking photos you’ll arrive at Ngorongoro crater before 12pm.Remember the roads in the parks are bumpy and dust! The Ngorongoro crater floor dominated by huge flamingo-filled alkaline lake,hold the highest concentration of predators in the world-lions,hyenas,jackals and leopards.

Cheetah can be sometimes seen but fall prey to lions and hyenas,which the nervous and fragile cheetah is no match for.The big heards of the plain game such as Thomson’s,grants’s gazelles,zebras,wildebeests, are easy meal for the thoroughly spoiled predator that need to spend very little energy to score a megameal.Lunch will be served at scenery picnic site at the crater floor.late afternoon drive out of the crater floor and headoff to your logde,Farm of the dream for your overight stay.

Farm of Dream

Farm of Dream This beautiful property facing Western South Slopes of Ngorongoro Crater is located at 1,400m above sea level, only one hour and thirty minutes from the Ngorongoro crater. You’ll sleep in a large, airy bedroom with an en- suite bathrooms and veranda. The food is delicious and uses a lots of organic from vegetables and herbs from the farm’s own gardens.

Take your dawn time by spending some time by pool side or just wander around the gardens and spot birds.

Day 5: Daily Summary

Day 5: Daily Summary
Tour: Lake Manyara National Park
Transfer: Kilimanjaro International Airport(KIA)

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

After early morning breakfast today, head off to lake Manyara national park, the park known for its tree climbing lions. No one real knows why they climb and roost in trees, it’s been suggested that this unusual behavior probably started during a fly epidemic when the cats climbed high to escape the swarms of biting flies on the ground, so present ongoing behavior is now part of their collective memory Lake Manyara National Park is small, stretching only some 330 square km(127square miles)along the base of the escarpment with two thirds of its surface taken up by shallow alkaline Lake Manyara It’s range of ecosystems at different elevations makes for dramatic differences scenery. At one moment you’re travelling through a fair -tale forest (called ground water forest). In the deep forest the old tuskers still roam, blue monkeys swing among huge fig trees, tamarind trees, giant baobabs, and mahoganies using their long tail as an extra limb. In the evening as motes of dusty sun-light dance in the setting sun, there’s an excellent chance of spotting a troop of more than 300 olive baboons sitting in the road, grooming each other, chatting, and dozing, while dozens of naughty babies play around them and old granddaddies look on with knowing eyes. In the afternoon drive back to Kilimanjaro Airport to connect with your tonight flight back home.