About Long Way Expeditions

Long Way Expeditions is locally owned and run by Tanzanian citizens. Our team has a long history of travel experience of more than a decade. Long Way Expeditions is a family owned tour company. Our team consists of knowledgeable tour guides and a skilled team who will assist with planning your dream safari. Our native Tanzanian guides are fluent in Swahili, English, Spanish, French and German. We specialize in tailor-made trips with personalized service, both before and during your adventure, at no extra cost. Our team members have traveled extensively for more than a decade throughout East Africa and can provide in-depth knowledge and advice. We are looking forward to customizing your dream vacation in Tanzania.

Karibu sana!

Meet the Founders!

Ann Abubakar

My journey started at a small village near mount Kenya called Timau. My first job was a lodge receptionist before I moved my way to become a lodge manager as my husband and i come from very humble backgrounds so we had to work very hard for more than 10 years in the hospitality industry to safe money to start own tour company .I am lovely wife and a mother of two daughters and a son my passion on safari industry lead me to quit my job as a hotel manager and joined a team Long Way Expeditions as a senior reservation officer. I have a wide knowledge of Tanzania and Kenya’s attractions .My best safari moment it was in Eastern Serengeti at night when I slept in the tent for the first time and heard lion roaring just outside my tent .I believe in changing people lives and helping less privileged women in our community and empowering the girl child. Tanzania is still a patriarchal society, and women rarely receive the same opportunities as men, either in education or professionally.

Abubakar Omar

Few words about me - I am very hard working entrepreneur and tour guide. When not out in the bush, I am a volunteer coach for a children's soccer team. I am also a devoted father of two daughters ,a son and a loving husband. Over the years as I worked for other tour operators, I saw how my home-grown experience could lead to a better safari! I have the knowledge and experience that only a Tanzanian can provide. I Believe in protecting the nature and I always educate my guides on responsible tourism during safari, so we design our tours and educate our guests to minimize the impact of tourism on wildlife and their eco-systems. We insist on practicing Leave No Trace travel ethics, following only established routes and trails and removing all waste, leaving the environment and wildlife untouched. on safari I can assure you that your safari experience will leave you breathless and that you will come back to my beloved Tanzania for more. Karibu sana!